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The NCPI database (Neurospora crassa Protein Interactome database) represents a platform to provide predicted protein-protein interactions(PPIs) in model fungus Neurospora crassa. The predicted protein-protein interactions are obtained using two methods. More...

NCPI Database Statistics

This database includes 27,588 predicted PPIs and fourteen only experimental PPIs. Intuitive query interface of NCPI allows easy access to important properties of proteins. It not only supplies a myriad of information for system-level understanding of gene functions and biological processes but also provides extensive linkouts from our query pages to other useful resources for deeper data mining.

How to cite NCPI

Ting-You Wang, Fei He, Qi-Wen Hu, Ziding Zhang, A predicted protein-protein interaction network of the filamentous fungus Neurospora crassa.
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