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 Job ID: 20170904083753
 Job Title: Cl
 Organism: S.cerevisiae
 Sequence Length: 20 Amino Acids
 Status: Done
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90.076387YES  Low Confidence


LabelScore RangeSensitivity Specificity
Low[0.052 - 0.130] 52.5%90%
High(0.130 - ) 31.2%;98%


Only the score > 0.052 (i.e. specificity >= 90% ) is considered to be a positive prediction. Score range [0.052 - 0.130] corresponds to a low confidence prediction, while the prediction with a score > 0.130 should be regarded as high confidence (i.e. specificity > 98%).

Since the dataset we used was selected from the proteome of S. cerevisiae, the application of CKSAAP_UbSite should be favorable in the proteome of S. cerevisiae.